What Makes Sheets High-End?

Luxury-LinensThere are many options when it comes to buying sheets, but what really defines a high-end set of linens?  Usually it boils down to personal preference, but three factors can determine quality:  fabric, thread count, and weave design.

Cotton is the most preferred fabric for bedding. However, innovations in the manufacturing process have introduced polyester into the mix. Microfiber polyester sheets offer an affordable and soft option, but they are less breathable. Cotton itself comes in several forms. The highest-quality sheets use cotton with long fibers that are spun into fine yarns. These include Egyptian, Pima, and Supima.

As thread count increases, it’s more likely that the sheets will wear well and even soften over time. Since there are tricks to make the thread count higher, such as twisting multiple yarns together, a sheet with a higher thread count may actually be of less quality.  A good rule of thumb is to stay between 200-800 thread count.

Finally, the fabric weave can determine the comfort level of sheets. A Sateen weave offers a soft, luxurious feel, but sacrifices the durability of the product. A sturdier sheet can be found with a Percale weave with a thread count of at least 180. Lastly, Combed cotton has had all the short fibers removed from the fabric creating a strong, soft fabric.

Advantages of Renting Table Linens


There are many advantages to renting versus owning your table linens.  To name a few:

  • No Up Front Investment: Signature Linen Rentals will purchase the linen needed to meet your needs, therefore eliminating any upfront investment costs.
  • Convenience: Renting from Signature is a cost-effective way to outsource a time consuming task and focus on your guests.
  • Guest Preference: Guests prefer the look, feel and smell of clean, professionally-pressed linen.
  • Customized Rental Program: Signature will work with you to determine a inventory level and delivery schedule that works best for you.
  • Professional Service: Signature provides clean linen with uninterrupted service.
  • Customer Service: Signature is an owner-operated company. Our clients are our #1 Priority.

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Linen: Luxury vs Longevity


High thread-count linens DO NOT have the serviceability of their lower thread-count brothers. Logically, if you take one square inch of fabric that has a T300 thread count, the yarns need to be thinner than if you have a T180.

The problem is compounded when you have to tighten the weave, to pack the yarns tighter. Adding a double “pic” to the warp will produce a higher thread count and more expensive fabric. The manufacturers tout their product as luxurious, while downplaying the loss in durability.