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Company Mission, Vision & Values

Signature Hospitality Services is the leader in providing textile services to the Dallas-Fort Worth hospitality industry.  Our mission “Signature Hospitality Services in partnership with its valued customers, seeks to conscientiously provide exceptional, timely and environmentally safe garment and linen cleaning to the Metroplex hospitality market.”  Signature views each customer as a business partner and strives to make the textile portion of our partners business excellent.  Signature Hospitality Services offers 4 separate divisions, allowing them to provide variety to their business partners allowing them to consolidate their vendor relationship.

Company History

Signature Garment Care and linen Service was first started by the Martin Family in 1939.  Originally named “Martin’s Dry Clean Express”, the Martin family ran the business as a retail and commercial dry cleaning business serving the central Dallas area.  Their main focus was the Dallas hospitality industry where they developed a solid customer base.

In 1997, the last member of the Martin family was ready for retirement and they sold their well established valet dry cleaning business to Allen Carter and Tony Thompson.  Over the next few years, these two doubled the revenues of this already solid business, servicing some of the largest and most prestigious hotels in the DFW area.  In January of 2001, they decided to sell Martin’s Dry Clean Express in order to pursue other dry cleaning ventures.

In September 2001, the hospitality industry as well as the rest of the nation was affected by 9/11.  As a result, the well established business took a large hit, and in January of 2003, Allen Carter along with his new business partner Phil Blackstone re-acquired the business.

Over the next few years, they re-established the business back to its former solid foundation.  As a result of their rapid growth, they brought in Lyle Lundy as another partner in order to manage the large amount of accounts.  In order to diversify themselves, in 2005, they purchase a restoration dry cleaning franchise, who’s main purpose is to work with insurance companies in order to help restore clients clothing after a flood or fire.  Martin’s Dry Clean continued to grow to the point of recruiting another partner in 2006, Joel Blackstone, to run its garment plant operations.

In July 2007, the new team decided to work on branding a new image and renamed the company to Signature Garment Care and Linen Service.  As a part of the name transformation, they also moved their facility from a 13,000 sq ft plant to their current 43,000 sq ft plant.  The team decided to branch into other aspects of the hospitality industry including offering linen service.

As a result of such drastic growth, they brought in another partner, Tracy Maxwell, in February 2008 to run the linen operations.  Over the next two years, Signature Garment Care and Linen Service was able to partner with some large branded hotels in Dallas, providing them with end to end outsource of linen services. As both linen and restoration division’s continued to grow, Signature recruited James Conatser, in July 2008, in order to manage and operate the restoration division.  In January 2010, Signature recruited a new partner Randall Falcon, his role as a Business Relations VP was designed to grow, analyze, and maintain strong business relations with established hotel partners.

Signature Garment Care and Linen Service, will be continuing to grow and involve themselves in the DFW hospitality industry offering more than just Valet Dry Cleaning and Linen Services.