How long should my linen last?

Did you know that a minimum of a 3 par is required to outsource effectively? This means, 1 par on the bed, 1 par in the closet, and 1 at Signature. Proper rotation of your linen’s will ensure maximum linen life. Average expected servicing for a sheet is about 52 washes. This average includes, wear & tear, stained, damaged, lost and stolen.

How does a rush order work?

When rush requests for linen are called into the plant our process is to take each request in the order it was received. The process itself does not change; it takes the same amount of time to process your linens, your linen is cued up in line ahead of others to meet the desired return time. We recommend you give us a minimum of 24 hour notice in order to plan which also ensures you the best chances of receiving your rush delivery at the desired time.  If the customer call’s in the day of the rush request, there is a chance other rushes’ may already be ahead of you resulting in a delay outside of the desired return time, hence the minimum of a 24 hr notice.

What if a wallet, ring, or other item gets mixed in with the soiled linen?

We track and report all non-linen items that are mixed in with your soiled linens. We return items to you as quickly as possible.

Can I visit the plant to personally see how my linen is processed?

Yes, we encourage you to visit our plants at any time. During your visit you will see the complete process, from the time soiled linens arrive to when the clean linens are ready to be sent back. You will also see how the linens are processed to meet specific needs.