Why Outsourcing Linen Care Makes Sense
Cost Effective, Flexible Solutions


Flexible Solutions To Suit Our Clients Needs

Relinquishing control over the processing of your linens is not an easy step for any seasoned Manager. Most business leaders are accustomed to processing all linen in-house. We recognize that outsourcing your linens can be a bit of a paradigm shift for even the best in the business, maybe, even a sense of not having control can make you feel uneasy about your decision.

Let us put you at ease. Signature Linen Service has a long, successful history in this business and have successfully transitioned many in-house laundry facilities in Dallas- Ft.Worth into revenue generating or much needed additional storage space for the property. We have an established process that is proven to work seamlessly with all of our client’s needs. We will offer an exit strategy for the sale of your old equipment, to the planning or placement of additional staff members. Every property has its own set of priorities throughout the process and Signature works in concert with each customer in planning each step to achieve the desired timeline and result.

State-of-the-art Facility

We have a state-of-the-art 43,000 sq. ft. facility that processes on average of 30,000-50,000 pounds of linen each day. One feature in our automated facility is our Milnor tunnel washing system. Tunnel washers are designed to extend linen life in comparisons to standard centrifugal washing systems and can process 3,000 pounds of room linen per hour. It also play’s a role in our Green Initiative by requiring less water to process linen.

Commitment to Service

Our service commitment is to return your linen in 24 hours cleaned and pressed. Your linens will arrive in linen transportation carts that are provided by Signature as part of the service contract. Each delivery is accompanied by a delivery manifest showing how many carts of linen, quantity, and the type of line is being delivered. The delivery manifests coincides with the pink tickets. Each cart has a pink ticket affixed to the cart showing hotel/account information, order number, date, time, and quantity of goods by each or by the pound with cost. This makes reconciling your billing invoice simple!

In wrapping up your final decision to outsource, you should know that Signature is independently owned and operated 7 days a week. Each division, Garment, Linen, Rental, and Restoration are owner operated. We offer tailored solutions to service your business, whether its sheets, towels, and F&B, or simply linen rentals.

Feel free to call anytime to set up a plant tour and see our operation live or see a preview of our facility.

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